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Product Builder

The ePrint Product Builder allows you to quickly add a product to your online store. Add any amount of product variables needed to build your product line. You can price your products by a standard quantity based system, a system offering you quantity range pricing, pricing by square footage, and special pricing features for apparel are coming soon. You can add in product descriptions, product images, and product features in just minutes. We offer you unlimited products on your online store.

Customer Accounts

Your customers can create new accounts in minutes, and then log on to place orders in a secure environment. You can set if your customer pays before print, or has 15, 30 or 60 day terms with your business. By logging in to their account, your customers can:

View the job status of their current orders
Print off current and past invoices
View their order history
View and respond to custom designed proofs
Place reorders of past jobs
Change their passwords
Manage their contact and billing information
Sign up for your Newsletters
Request sample packs

Your clients will have full 24 hour access to their orders, and your products through your ePrint Plus Storefront. You will have full access to your clients profile, general contact and billing information, their orders and files through the eStore Administration Software included in your monthly subscription package.

Order Management

We make order management simple. When an order arrives through your site, you and your customer are emailed a notice of the order and the invoice attached to it. You will also be sent and email notification of the payment confirmation for that order. You can review, print and forward the invoice, view the job request and down load the files the customer uploaded after placing their order. You can manually change the job status as it moves through your production system and choose to notify the customer of that job status change or not.

Web Design Interface

Your brand is important to you, and it is important to us. We offer you different design templates to choose from and then allow you to customize that template to fit your companies image. You don't have to look like everyone else. We also offer you the freedom to customize your site through HTML and CSS custom coding. We provide you all the tools you need to create a fantastic looking site without a ton of work or investment.

System Reports

eStore Printing makes running your printing business a breeze. When it comes to tracking your productivity, your costs and your sales, the eStore Report Center will save you time and money. We provide instant access to all the information you need. You can make custom searches from any date ranges you choose. The eStore Dashboard is not going to replace your current accounting software, but it will streamline data entry through easily exported excel documents.


Your customers will receive an invoice in their email featuring your logo and contact information and all the order details. It will list:

Product Details
Separated Line Items
Itemized Pricing
Date and Time Stamping
Customers PO Number
Your SKU Number
Your own Job Number
Shipping and Billing Addresses

You can also forward the invoice on to any other person that might request a copy of that information. We know that customers often change their mind after ordering, so you will be able to make adjustments to the invoices as needed through the invoice interface coming soon.

Pricing Calculators

Don't get bogged down with requested pricing quotes that you might never get in the first place. Pricing calculators allow your customers an incredibly fast way to choose the variables they need for their project and get instant price quotes. Once you build and price your products, an automated pricing calculator is created specifically for that product page. Put the quoting calculator in your customers hands. While your competitors are still working on their quotes, your customers will instantly have all the product information they need, with no hassles or wait times.

Custom Quotes

eStore Printing is dedicated to helping you close the sale. If you would like to offer your customers custom quoting we have you covered too. We offer you a pre-built online quote request form that you can adjust too fit your shops capabilities. Once you put together your pricing numbers, you simply send back the online quote to your customer through their customer account profile... and then follow up to close the sale. If the customer likes the quote they can also add it to their shopping cart and checkout on their own.

Domain Name

We can use your existing domain name for your new storefront, or you can create a link from your current web site to your new eStore Printing Storefront.

File Storage

As part of your month to month subscription we offer you up to 2 TB Storage Space. If you need additional storage space in the future, we offer you an affordable storage add on option.

Shopping Cart

Your customers will appreciate the quick and natural navigation of the different web design templates available to you. Customers can quickly access information and get products into the shopping cart. The customer information auto fill features make checking out fast, accurate and simple for them. The separated line items in the shopping cart display itemized pricing and shipping totals.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing is a vital part of closing the sale. Todays customers expect convenience, quick information and they demand security. You can feel confident that your ePrint Plus Software will be both reliable and secure. We incorporated as a service provider for the system so your customers vital information is stored at the highest level of the security chain. If you do not currently have an account with then setting up a new account is easy and can be done through your account profile. You will be able to accept all major credit cards and personal checks, Pay Pal and Apple Pay will soon be integrated into the system, offering your customers even more payment options. You will also enjoy the lowest processing fees available and quick next day deposits.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is often thought about as a way to get you to the top of the list. But search engines connect their users with the most relative content. The primary objective should be better content and not higher rankings. Our system allows you complete control over searchable content to help optimize your site. The key is to produce content that your customers find useful and want to share. If you create great content, then people will want to link to it, and search engines will improve your placement.

Dashboard Overview

When you login to your administration account the first screen you will see with be the Dashboard overview. This will provide you a quick visual reference to your ongoing sales and updated actions on your site. It is a great way to take the pulse of your business at a glance.

Coupon Creation

through the eStore Administration Site you will have the ability to assign temporary or permanent discounts to products. You will have the ability to create, view, store, cancel and reissue coupons with just a few clicks. You can determine if you are applying the coupon to one product or all products. You can choose to apply a percentage off an order, or a certain dollar amount. You can set start dates and end dates and create what ever "Coupon Code" you choose to use.

New Shipping Options

Right now you can price your shipping options based on quantity. You can also set up customer pick up at your shop, or set local delivery charges if you choose. We are currently working with UPS, Fed Ex and USPS to integrate their automated shipping calculators into your system. This will be a free upgrade to your site when it launches.

Service and Support

We work hard to make sure you have all the tools needed to be successful online. We also work hard to bring you a reliable and stable system. Everytime we offer an upgrade to the system with fixes, features and added benefits, we include that as part of your existing monthly subscription fee. Our team of programmers are always looking for the latest technology to keep your site on the leading edge of your competition.